Casa das Lérias


Casa das Lérias, located on the bank of the Tâmega River in Amarante, offers a relaxed and avant-garde environment that appeals to well-being, incorporating a large outdoor space and modern amenities, combining comfort with elegance.

The original building where the current Casa das Lérias is now located, was once known as the famous CASA DAS LÉRIAS, a historic site and famous for the traditional cakes of Amarante the “Lérias“
In the original CASA DAS LÉRIAS building, we now find Casa das Lérias, which inherits the historic location of the famous traditional cakes from Amarante “Lérias“ was designed to offer a harmonious environment, the spaces are contemporary and emanate earth tones for a guest looking for a modern service and quality.


The 23 rooms adopt a clean design in shades of gray, light brown, white and green - which conveys the growing ecological concern combined with a minimalist way of life. In fact, green is one of the predominant colors in the chosen decoration, as well as in the exterior spaces of Casa das Lérias.

The Cafeteria & Bar, with its panoramic terrace and privileged view of the Tâmega River, will be the meeting point for all those looking for a quality service in this idyllic location. The traditional cakes “Lérias“  have not be forgotten, which you can enjoy together with a refreshing drink in the summer or with a delicious tea in the winter. The hotel has its own garden and outdoor pool overlooking the Tâmega River, where you can enjoy a summer day watching the river go by.