Our services

Our services

Our services include, among others:


Asset Management is a professional service that provides valuable guidance for the supervision, analysis and strategic planning of hotel properties. 

We act as the asset manager, representing the owner in various areas and activities. During the development phase of the project, our services include reviewing the interior Architectural layout and Interior design of the property, ensuring that the layout is functional and in accordance with the concept and strategic objective; we also take the lead in ensuring effective financial and management performance, analysing the financial results of the property with reference to budget projections and market conditions whilst continually exploring opportunities to refine and improve performance.


ACE Hospitality Management undertake full responsibility to manage properties with the support of local teams, in addition to helping hotel owners, always focused on driving Financial results on a medium to long term basis as well as continued development of service best practices ensuring that customers’ expectations are exceeded at every opportunity. Within the management of the properties ACE undertake the responsibility in the recruitment, supervision and performance evaluation of the General Manager, along with training and supervising the hotel’s management team to ensure complete alignment with owners and management team goals for the future.


Having the correct structure i.e. the key people in the key positions is crucial to guaranteeing the success of a smooth hotel operation. Our team actively participates in the evaluation of all positions within the hotel’s recruitment in co-operation with the hotel’s General Manager, in order to achieve maximum operational efficiency and performance whilst adhering to HR target costs.

Operational procedures

ACE Hospitality Management, is constantly evaluating the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP´S) with the vision of constantly improving the same.   Recommendations are pro – actively made to the Hotel´s General Manager  with the focus of improving the customer service experience and hotel operational efficiency.

A very crucial part of our evaluation is the consideration of guests’ reviews and their satisfaction rates. Essentially, the points that are highlighted by guests are very important factors that will determine our actions. We carefully review all platforms upon which guests provide feedback and create actions plans for the same when necessary.

Staff training

At ACE Hospitality Management we believe that team member training and development is crucial for our success and therefore we are committed to developing the hotel teams, below are some of the actions that we believe are key in this process:

Individual training plan for each team member
Dedicated 60 minutes of training per department per week
Opportunities to cross train in alternative hotel departments

The end objective is to have a team that are highly motivated, well trained and ready to delight our guests at every opportunity


Sales Promotion:

The ACE Hospitality Sales and Marketing team elaborate a specific sales plan for each individual hotel focused on off line, on line distribution as well as sales promotions specifically focused on campaigns that target specific markets to ensure that each hotel and segment is sold to the correct market and customer profile.


The design and development of a distinct, marketable trademark is the cornerstone on which the entire marketing strategy is built upon. ACE Hospitality Management uses its creative experience to design new logos and brands or to improve the effectiveness of logos and printed material owned by the hotel in order to improve the guest’s experience and leave its lasting memory.


A process driven approach is fundamental for the success of a brand’s name and future business development and Positioning. ACE Hospitality Management, create strategically solid, distinct, memorable and legally available names to successfully represent a hotel’s identity in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Internet and website development

A strong digital presence, the correct marketing strategy and effective promotion of a hotel via the internet plays an important role in a hotels success as well as  boosting sales and establishing its position and market share.

The above requires a deep understanding of guest behaviour, coupled with extensive market research. Necessary actions are taken in order to ensure a positive return on the investment ensuring that marketing campaigns are planned and converted into real time bookings. At ACE Hospitality Management we believe that where possible all investments need to be measured to understand the success of the same which will be the key metric used in defining weather or not we repeat a specific campaign or action in the future.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

On a daily basis, ACE Hospitality Management monitor and research updates that are implemented on the main search engines. This approach helps us to quickly detect changes in the search engine algorithm and allows us to strategically plan to ensure that the hotel website has the greatest visibility possible. ACE Hospitality Management also ensures that (SEM) campaigns are recommended with a specific  focus (such as: Google AdWords, pay-per-click text ads, display of advertising banners, social media campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest).


ACE Hospitality sales team has in-depth knowledge of Global Distribution System and the best practice methods for effectively managing hotel parity rates and room availability, that are funnelled and distributed to various channels. The information displayed across all platforms is checked in terms of accuracy, including rich photographic content as well as the hotel’s exact location for a coherent and effective digital presence.


ACE Hospitality Managements' team are fully versed with the latest Revenue Management techniques to  anticipate demand and optimize availability and pricing with a goal of selling the right room at the right time at the right price through the correct distribution channels and the best cost efficiency. 

The ACE team reviews hotel selling rates and availability on a daily basis as well as the market and comp set strategies in order to suggest alternative daily strategies to improve financial return and return to the investor.


A team of experts from ACE Hospitality Management monitors hotel costs and expenses on a daily basis ensuring that constant feedback and proposals are given to the Hotel management to optimize the Hotel operating results. Although the cost for all hotel products, produce and materials are rigorously negotiated the ACE team are fully committed and focused on providing high levels of quality and satisfaction to the end client.