Sales & Marketing

Promotion Branding Naming Sites & Internet SEO & SEM E-commerce


The Sales and Marketing team at ACE Hospitality Management draws up a sales plan for each hotel in the offline and online distribution sectors. Through sales promotions focused on campaigns aimed at specific markets, we ensure that each hotel and segment is sold to the correct market and appropriate to the customer's profile.


The design and development of a distinctive, as well as marketable, brand is the basis on which the entire marketing strategy rests. ACE Hospitality Managemen t uses its creative experience to create new logos and brands . We have improved the effectiveness of the logos and printed material owned by the hotel, with the aim of improving the guest experience, creating a lasting memory.


A process-oriented approach is essential for the success of a brand name and for the future development and positioning of businesses. ACE Hospitality Management creates strategically sound, distinct, memorable and legally available names to successfully represent the identity of a hotel in the highly competitive hospitality sector.

Website and Internet Development

A strong digital presence, a correct marketing strategy and an effective promotion of a hotel on the Internet , play a major role in the success of the hotel, in addition to increasing sales and establishing its position and market share.

This requires a thorough understanding of the guest's behavior coupled with extensive market research. The necessary actions are taken to ensure a positive return on investment, ensuring that marketing campaigns are planned and converted into real-time reserves. At ACE Hospitality Management we believe that, whenever possible, all investments should be measured to understand the success of the same. This is the main metric used to define whether or not to repeat a specific campaign or action in the future.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Daily, ACE Hospitality Management monitors and analyzes the updates implemented in the main search engines . This approach helps to quickly detect changes in the search engine algorithm and allows strategic planning to ensure that the hotel's website is directly accessible to visitors. ACE Hospitality Management also ensures that campaigns (SEM) are recommended with a specific focus, such as: Google AdWords, pay-per-click text ads, display of advertising banners, social media campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest .


The Sales team at ACE Hospitality Management has deep knowledge of the Global Distribution System, which includes the effective management of hotel parity rates, the availability of rooms that are channeled and distributed to various channels. The information displayed on all platforms is verified for accuracy, including photographic content, content and the exact location of the hotel for a coherent and effective digital presence.