General Hotel Management

Recruitment Procedures Training


Having the right structure, that is, the key people, in the key positions , is crucial to ensure the success of a smooth hotel operation. Our team actively participates in the evaluation of all positions within the recruitment of the hotel, in cooperation with the General Director of the hotel , with the objective of achieving maximum operational efficiency and performance , in line with the Human Resources budget.

Operational procedures

ACE Hospitality Management is constantly evaluating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with a view to constantly improving them. Recommendations are proactively made to the hotel's General Director, with the aim of improving the hotel's customer service experience and Operational efficiency.

A crucial part of your assessment is the analysis of guest feedback and satisfaction levels. Essentially, the points highlighted by guests are very important factors that determine our actions. We carefully review all platforms on which guests provide feedback, and, if necessary, outline corrective action plans.

After conducting a complete study for each hotel, ACE Hospitality Management offers a range of personalized services, comprehensive organizational proposals and helps hotel owners to achieve the desired results.


At ACE Hospitality Management we believe that the training and development of all team members are crucial to our success, so we are committed to its development.
Actions that we consider to be essential in this process:

- Individual training plan for each team member;
- 60 minutes dedicated to training per department , per week;
- Opportunities to carry out " Cross Training " in several departments.

The ultimate goal is to have a highly motivated team, well prepared and able to exceed the expectations of our guests, at every opportunity.